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Trail Condition Report


Trail Condition Report Status
  Date Reported
  Location Condition Report Photo
Completed Photo
  Describe Status  
Monday November, 28, 2022       Can_be_Bypassed       SC side of Big Island For ... Open MORE INFORMATION    Rocky_Gap    No photo        
Wednesday December, 21, 2022       Can_be_Bypassed       Could be bypassed.. Annoy ... Completed MORE INFORMATION
  Tuesday February, 07, 2023    Fants_Grove           
Monday March, 04, 2024   TEST Other Location     Can_NOT_be_Bypassed       Nisi magna sagittis plate ... Completed MORE INFORMATION
  Monday March, 18, 2024    Other           
Thursday June, 01, 2023       Can_be_Bypassed       Another Test - completed ... Completed MORE INFORMATION
  Saturday June, 03, 2023    Fants_Grove