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Back County Horsemen of South Carolina

Back County Horsemen of South Carolina

South Carolina is blessed with diverse natural landscapes offering great opportunities for outdoor recreation all the way from the coast to the mountains. One group working to protect our state’s natural environment and keep trails open and safe is the Back Country Horsemen of South Carolina. 

This newly instated state chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of America works to ensure that public lands remain open for recreational stock use, assists in the maintenance and management of lands, and educates equestrians and others on active and safe participation in back country resources. 

The quality that all back country horsemen share is their love for riding trails. However, each year riders lose miles of trail across the country due to closures, weather, mechanized vehicle usage, and other causes. 

“The biggest issue facing South Carolina right now is the limited resources available to keep trails open for recreational stock use,” said Lisa Ruth, BCHSC Vice Chair. “We need to work with hikers, bikers, rangers, BCH members and local communities to preserve trails; lobby at the local, state and federal levels; and educate equestrians and the general public on the protection of public lands.” 

While BCHSC members gather to ride trails, perfect navigation and work on packing skills, they also work to restore trails to safe and navigable conditions. Many BCHSC members have attended workshops hosted by the National Forest Service to become chainsaw certified in order to help maintain trails. These skills were put to use in the past few months as areas across the state suffered damage as a result of severe weather and tornados. BCHSC members were able to clear debris and downed trees at Kings Mountain State Park, Woods Ferry Recreation Area and Long Cane Horse Trails. 

Although many members are devoted to trail riding and preservation, a large part of the organization is focused on conservation education and advocacy. 

“Members don’t have to be just back country rough riders to be involved in the organization,” said BCHSC Chairman Mike Kinsey. 

The organization hopes to have members assigned to each area of the state to get to know local land managers, legislators and communities in hopes to expand access to and improve trails. 

“You don’t have to be out on trails cutting limbs to help out,” added Kinsey. 

The Back Country Horsemen of South Carolina look forward to hosting navigation course trainings and other workshops in the future. For a full list of upcoming events, please visit the Back Country Horsemen of South Carolina Facebook page. 

For more information on the Back Country Horsemen of South Carolina, please visit or contact the organization at

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